About CITIESfruit

CITIESfruit is the premier fresh fruit delivery company servicing homes and offices with fresh fruit all over the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. We are your local fruit experts! Our family has been serving the cities with the highest quality fruit for over 100 years. At the beginning of our legacy, our family delivered our finest fruit in horse drawn wagons to quaint Victorian neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Today, we now deliver the freshest fruit right to your home or office. 
My family has been part of the produce industry for four generations and is the core of my understanding and knowledge of the produce industry. I am extremely gratified by this legacy and the contributions my family has made to this business for more than 100 years. Growing up in the produce industry, I am a fourth generation “Produce Peddler” specializing in fresh produce marketing, sales, packaging and distribution. I am excited that CITIESfruit can now deliver our freshest fresh fruit to your Home or Office. Hard work, dedication, trust, knowledge and family friendly service forging the way for a better and healthier work day for you.  

          Eat Fresh My Friends!


Let us deliver Farm Fresh Produce to your Home or Office!

Get started today! Accelerate your day with fresh thinking. Just add your workplace to our weekly delivery route or ask your HR team to visit our Add Your Workplace page to get set up.