Ready to get started?

If you're a business in the Twin Cities, CITIESfruit wants to bring healthy and delicious fruit to your workplace. This innovative program offers a unique way to meet your wellness objectives at no cost, no headaches, and no contracts to your business. 

  1. We update the site every Tuesday with a list of what's in the box next week. If your folks like the looks of it, they simply place their order on our website and pay us directly. There's no cost to the employer, and nobody has to go around the office collecting cash.
  2. We take orders until the close of business on Thursday, and products are delivered the following Monday. When we drop off your company's fruit, we'll include a handy delivery sheet that makes it clear who ordered what.
  3. There is no step 3! We weren't kidding when we said it couldn't be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get started?
Absolutely nothing! Your employees will pay for their products directly, and delivery is always free.
Do I have to sign a big scary contract?
Absolutely not! All we need is your permission to start deliveries and a security badge for our delivery driver (if applicable). If you decide CITIESfruit isn't a good fit for your office, you can stop any time.
Is there an order minimum we have to meet?
We like to deliver at least three boxes per stop, but we have a bit more flexibility if we're already making deliveries to your block or building.
Sounds great! How do I get my company on board?
Just fill out the convenient contact form to the right with a little information about you and your company. We'll get in touch with you shortly thereafter to field any questions and get the ball rolling.